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Buyer Be Wise


Buyer Be Wise

We get bike buying questions from hundreds of people each year readers, family members, friends, friends of friends, complete strangers who call us out of the blue. Here we answer 10 of the most common queries to help you find the right bike.


Or Cannondale or Orbea or Scott or Schwinn or Cervelo. We're asked Cheap Jerseys "Which brand is better?" almost daily. While each brand has its diehard fans, we can't answer the question. It's not because of any political reason, but because it's not the right question to ask you're buying a bicycle, not a brand. If you shop by brand first, then you're making a style decision, not a performance one. When deciding which bike is better suited to you, it's the model that counts. To find the best bike, pick your price range, identify the ride feel and features you're after, and then look for models from various brands that meet those criteria. From there, a winner will emerge.


What about custom bikes? We Nike NFL Jerseys get this one, too: Which is best, a Serotta Meivici, Parlee Z1 or Seven V II? The answer: Write the names on a note card, blindfold yourself and throw a dart you'll end up with a bike you adore. The United States is home to the best custom builders in the world. An established custom builder has the knowledge and experience to build a bike that suits you as long as you fully communicate what you want. Still, every custom house has its flavor. Give the same data to two companies, and the fit and ride quality of the bikes will differ. To find the taste that's best for you, read our reviews for an idea of how the maker interpreted our needs. Then, interview the builders, asking about the theories they use to interpret fit, handling and ride feel requests. From Wholesale Jerseys here, you'll learn a builder's tendencies and be able to choose.


2. When do bike shops have sales?


Bikes are like cars: New models arrive on the bike shop sales floor each year, typically in the fall as the riding season winds down. This is the best time to look for deals, because shops don't want soon to be year old inventory lingering through the slower winter months. While hot models in popular sizes will sell out over the summer, you may get lucky and find last year's model at a discount, but do your homework before buying: A model often gets a dramatic redesign only every few years, so if the new model has only different paint and minor parts tweaks, you'll save on last year's bike. But if the new model has big frame changes or parts upgrades, then it can be cheap nfl jerseys china worth paying for the new model. Beware of bikes that are more than a few seasons old. Advances in carbon fiber and component technology happen quickly, so a seemingly great deal may be only an average one.


3. Can I haggle with the shop over price?


You can try, but don't expect dealers to be flexible on current year models. Profit margins on bike sales are razor thin. It's not uncommon for a shop to net more money on the extras helmet, pedals, computer, and so on than on the bike sale itself. For this reason, dealers are often more willing to throw in a free seat bag or bottle cage than to give a deal on the bike. Service is an area where you can seek out value: It's common for shops to provide a year of free basic adjustments on your new bike, so it's worth asking for this if your shop offers less.


If you don't like the deal offered by a shop, then quietly go elsewhere. You may find a better price in a nearby town, but it's not worth driving an hour to save a few bucks. Having a good ?local bike shop will save you time and money in the end with service and any warranty issues. Shops tend to go the extra mile for you if they know you bought the bike there.


4. Should I buy a carbon fiber bike?


Absolutely. Maybe. Unless you shouldn't. Carbon is generally lighter than other materials, can be constructed to provide specific ride qualities in ways that metal tubes can't, and offers unlimited tube shapes aero or just freaky cool. If you race and want a superstiff frame, carbon offers the best mix of low weight, aerodynamics and drivetrain stiffness without a buckboard ride. But it's also expensive. And not all carbon is equal: Less expensive frames Wholesale NFL Jerseys use lower grades of fiber, which are heavier and less stiff, and often have a dead ride quality when compared with higher grade carbon.


If you're on a budget, there are many racy bikes made of high tech aluminum or a mix of alloy and carbon, which are stiff and light but will ride a bit more harshly than their all ?carbon NFL Jerseys Supply brethren. If you prize a smooth, refined ride feel, carbon can deliver but so can steel and titanium, both of which continue Cheap NFL Jerseys to advance as frame materials. Ultimately, you should decide based on what you're willing to spend and whether you're a carbon person. Did you stand in line to buy the iPhone? Carbon's cutting edge tech will appeal to you. But if you're restoring a 1952 MGTD in your garage, then a ti or steel bike from a small builder may be just right.


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