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From low points to High Sheriff


From low points to High Sheriff

For the first time, five of South Yorkshire most significant posts are held by women. Julie Kenny, the next High Sheriff, tells her rags to riches Cheap Jerseys story.


Debt collectors are battering at the door again and a little girl burns with shame. Why can't her mother pay the bills on time? They've been threatened with eviction twice; where will they go if the threat becomes a reality?


Julie Kenny CBE, so respected a member of the British business community she is currently chair of Yorkshire Forward, Recovery Board intervention commissioner for beleaguered Doncaster, a UK commissioner for employment and skills and come April, soon to be the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire.


Few people to have held the highly respected title will ever have come from a background such as Julie's.


Down to earth, modest as they come, Julie will, I feel, view her appointment as a massive victory for the working class.


An indicator that, wherever you have come from, you can become whatever you want to be through sheer hard work and self belief.


She learned that when she was still in ankle socks.


Hillsborough born Julie was one of five children; dad, a stock manager for a car parts company, left when she was five.


Mum, suddenly solo, took every part time job she could; usherette, barmaid, fryer at a fish and chip shop. But life never got any better for her.


"She was a very poor manager of finances and home," says Julie.


"She didn't pay bills; the house we lived in was eventually condemned. I remember the legs of one of the cots falling through the rotten floorboards."


She moved when she was ten because her mother met a new partner and they moved home.


The council house had central heating. Julie got a new brother.


Life should have got better, but Cheap NFL Jerseys her step father was an alcoholic. The house was always filled with booze and violent rows.


As the oldest girl, she had to take charge of the little ones. She remembers: "I did the washing, cooking, housework and ironing. I virtually brought up my youngest brother, who was born when I was 10."


She was always, she says, the opposite of her mum. "I was mortally ashamed of some of the things that happened.


"I had really strong values about what was Wholesale NFL Jerseys right and wrong. I loved my mum, but I distanced myself from her for a long time."


Unsurprisingly, the teenage Julie with the weight of the world on her shoulders, snapped under the strain. The years of abuse had begun to haunt her.


She got a job as a typist in Sheffield at 16 but had a breakdown a few months later. She got through it and resolved to be a survivor, not a victim.


She landed a junior secretarial job in a Cornish Wholesale NFL Jerseys law practice.


"I sat on the train with 45 in my purse and vowed to change my life," she says.


Soon she landed a better paid job with North Cornwall District Council.


"My boss suggested I train as a lawyer. I was amazed, but decided to go for it. I worked my socks off to hold down a full time job and study part time."


Life finally seemed to be dealing her a better hand when she got promotion. She moved to Aylesbury, met a tall, good looking Sheffielder called Paul Kenny and fell in love.


After qualifying as a lawyer, she moved back to South Yorkshire to be with him. He was director of a lighting company, she got a job with a law firm in Sheffield and they married at Rotherham Register Office. There didn't seem to be any chance of bailiffs ever knocking at Julie's door again.


Just five weeks later, though, Paul was made redundant. But instead of sinking, Julie sold the house she still owned in Aylesbury wholesale jerseys for 28,500 and the couple launched their own business, intruder alarm specialists Pyronix, with Paul at the helm, designing passive infra red security systems.


As the fledgling company fought for orders, Julie worked full time at her solicitors' office, then all evening for Pyronix, doing what she had done as a child; keeping everything on track and the business's house in order.


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