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Frugal Opal Card users 'beat the system' for cheaper fares


Frugal Opal Card users 'beat the system' for cheaper fares

loves a cheap challenge almost as much as it loves lining up for gelato wholesale jerseys in winter. Let the games begin. Your aim is to get the Weekly Travel Reward, which unlocks after eight journeys, for the cheapest fare in the shortest amount of time and as early in the week as possible to take full advantage of the discounts.


Here are the main rules to score yourself the coveted Weekly Travel Reward (hat tip to Reddit for the summary):


Journey A journey is a collection of trips and transfers which ends when 60 minutes has elapsed from the last tap off. You can't end a journey manually you must wait 60 minutes from the last tap off in order to begin a new one or complete four trips.


The daily cap Once you spend $15 in fares per day, the rest of the day's travel is free.


Weekly Travel Reward After eight Wholesale NFL Jerseys journeys in a week, the rest of the week's travel is free.


Loophole Opal charges a new journey if you tap on at a different station then where you previously tapped off, except in the city.


To get the savings Berejiklian is talking about you would need to take the eight journeys in a week, without going over a daily cap of $15.00 that activates the daily free rides which you don't want as we are aiming for weekly free rides (that's a maximum of 6 off peak train trips at $2.31 or seven one section bus rides for $2.10 a day).


Reddit has been talking about it since June, with bus hopping (at $2.10 a trip) the intial preferred method. The issue with this version, is that Cheap Jerseys you need to take 28 trips before you hack it (remember, four trips = journey) or wait an hour between each trip to create a journey.


The latest version, which was attempted on Cheap NFL Jerseys Thursday by the group behind the Opal App, created to monitor your Opal Card spending, uses two train stations not in the city district, this means that each tap is counted as a journey rather than a Wholesale NFL Jerseys trip. The sprint (on foot) between Erskineville Station and Macdonaldtown Station means they hacked the system in 30 minutes.


Why these stations? "Erskineville station and Macdonaldtown station are perfect for this hack as they are fairly close to each other and have Opal readers accessible without gates," the hackers wrote on YouTube.


It appears this idea was generated by the Reddit crowd. So between the two version, we have our winners so far.


Here's a record of the 'hacked' trips. We look forward to watching the Monday morning mad dash of frugal Opal users trying to save their lunch money.


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