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He coaches the hockey team


He coaches the hockey team

Teamwork is a recurring theme in Eric Olson's life. From growing up in a large family, to working as a hockey coach to working on community boards, Olson views his life as a contribution to something larger than himself.


Olson grew up in Brainerd, Minn., about two hours north on Minneapolis. He was the eighth child in a family of 11 children.


Olson started playing organized hockey at the age of 4. Through the years, he related his experiences as a member of a large family to being a member of a hockey team. When he was in high school, he tried out for one of the United States Hockey League junior teams, which drew players from many different high schools to give them a chance for more competitive play to get ready for college hockey. Despite stiff competition, he made the team, and played for the St. Paul Vulcans. Olson went on to play hockey in college, where he majored in sociology and minored in Klay Thompson Warriors Jersey business administration.


In 1985, David Lee Authentic Jersey Olson got his first job after college, working for Federated Insurance in Owatonna, Minn. After 18 months of training, the closest available territory was in Wisconsin, so Olson moved to Lake Geneva. He stayed with Federated Insurance for a year before moving to Madison and taking a job with Fish and Schulkamp, an independent insurance agency that has been David Lee Warriors Jersey in business since 1906. By 1996, Olson was a partner, and by 1998, he was President/CEO and co owner of Fish and Schulkamp.


While in Madison, Olson was active coaching youth football and hockey. He was the head hockey coach at La Follette High School from 1996 to 2003. It was a fledgling program when he started coaching, and the team's won loss record was 1 19. By the end of his time coaching them, the record was 18 5. His favorite part David Lee Jersey of coaching the La Follette team was when he got to take them to tournaments in Minnesota, "the motherland," as he calls it.


After his wife had their third child, Olson decided to take a break from hockey coaching for a few years. He was still Stephen Curry Jersey working Stephen Curry Authentic Jersey full time for Fish and Schulkamp. That, raising three small children and coaching hockey took up more time than he was able to dedicate. With the arrival of their fourth child, Olson and his wife, at the time living in Sun Prairie, started to consider Waunakee as the community to raise their children.


As with many others who have chosen Waunakee, it was the school system that was a big draw. Although they loved Sun Prairie, they decided they wanted to live in a smaller community, and they had heard great things about the school system and the neighborhoods in Waunakee.


The Olsons had friends in Savannah Village and liked the subdivision so much, they bought a house there. Besides the neighborhood's proximity to the Arboretum and some lovely walking trails, Olson's home is also close to the site of his latest project, the DeForest/Waunakee Ice Rink Committee's Expo Center.


Following in the footsteps of his father, who did something similar in Brainerd back in the 1970s, Olson got involved with the DeForest/Waunakee Ice Rink Committee when his family moved to Waunakee. The committee is a nonprofit board that has been raising funds to build an Expo Center that would feature an ice rink for hockey, figure skating, open skating and other community events.


Besides receiving generous support from Waunakee businesses and individuals, the committee also has recently received financing from Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey approvals from the Waunakee Village Board. This means they should be able to break ground in 2010 and be skating in the facility by next November.


The site for the Expo Center is on Hogan Road, on land donated to the village for recreational use by Don Tierney and MLG Real Estate. The project was important to Olson, Klay Thompson Jersey he said, because his father taught him to give back to his community.


Since he got so much out of his own experiences with hockey, Olson wanted the same for his new community. He said hockey taught him about being part of something greater than himself and about "enjoying the journey" rather than just looking at the destination, a value he tries to instill in the young people he coaches.


Now that his children are a little older and playing hockey themselves, Olson has taken up coaching again, this time at the Waunakee High School. Good citizenship, being a good student and respecting parents are emphasized in his coaching. Olson reasoned that if you're a good citizen, then you'll be a good teammate, and if you're a good teammate, you'll be competitive and have a successful journey.


Waunakee reminds Olson of his home town of Brainerd and impresses him as being a close knit community where people look out for each other, especially for the youth of the community. Olson noted that some of the members of the DeForest/Waunakee Ice Rink Committee don't even have kids that play hockey, but they've still worked hard to raise money for the Expo Center. Board members, his wife Julie among them, have volunteered a huge amount of time going to businesses in Waunakee and Deforest, building enthusiasm and raising an astounding amount of money, considering the current economic climate.


Olson was born into a team. Regardless of where life has taken him, he has continued to make that his focus, enjoying the journey and giving back to Klay Thompson Authentic Jersey his community.


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