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He cracked CAT 2012 in the first attempt


He cracked CAT 2012 in the first attempt

Among the top scorers in the 100 percentile category, many of whom were repeating their attempts, Sumit is one of the few who achieved the near perfect score in his very first attempt. And to manage that with little coaching is no mean feat.


So how did he do it? What was his strategy?


Theoretically, Sumit did not spend more than six to 12 hours a week studying, but then we know that it takes more intelligence than rote learning to crack an aptitude test like the CAT.


The aspiring management graduate tells us that his determination to excel stemmed David Lee Jersey from the disappointment he suffered in 2006, when despite scoring 91 per cent in his David Lee Authentic Jersey board exams, he failed to make it to the merit list.


"In 2006, I'd lost the merit ranking by a few marks. That's when I decided that I won't let it happen again."


The young achiever, who aspires to make it to one of the three leading IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta in his opinion), credits much of his success to his modest upbringing.


"My parents never forced me to study or score 'x' number of marks. They never influenced my career decisions or told me what I should do. It was the Klay Thompson Warriors Jersey same for my elder sister," he Klay Thompson Authentic Jersey says, before thanking his parents for the faith and freedom he enjoyed in his growing up years.


Sumit's father Prakash Patil works as a supervisor at Tata Motors in Pune, while his mother Savita is a homemaker. His elder sister Shraddha, who works at Tata Consultancy Services, was his early mentor.


"When I was young, much of what I learnt was through my sister. She would tell me about the mistakes she made in her career and I would ensure that I didn't repeat them," says Sumit, who is in his final year and also the student head of the mechanical engineering department at IIT Madras.


In this interview, he tells us David Lee Warriors Jersey why he chose to do a BTech and MTech integrated course in mechanical engineering at the institute, why he'll make a good leader and his future plans for the country. Read on.


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How did you manage to crack CAT in the first attempt? What was your strategy?


I always wanted the perfect score, but while preparing for the test, my sole aim was to focus on solving all the questions in the given time. Since the beginning, I never had much difficulty in solving questions per se. During Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey mocks too, I would usually lose out on the time factor. A few weeks before the exam, I worked on improving my speed and accuracy.


Did you take any coaching?


I did not take any coaching, but I did enrol for a test series so that I could practice more mocks.


How did you prepare for the exam? How many hours did you study?


I started preparing from July 2012, but I don't remember dedicating 'x' amount of time towards CAT. I would study about one or two hours a day and a maximum of five to six hours a week. I also feel that, for a bright student, it is the quality of time that matters more.


What study material did you refer to?


I referred to the standard textbooks to prepare for Quant and I feel that was more than enough. For the verbal section, I read newspapers and non fiction books to improve my vocabulary and knowledge of words.


According to you, which was the most difficult section in the exam?


Being an engineer, the Quantitative Ability was not a difficult section to crack. The task, however, was to apply the formulae and solve each question in the given time frame, which required more practice and better speed.


In which areas do students generally tend to go wrong about the test?


Students who do not Stephen Curry Jersey have an engineering background find the quant section to be the most challenging. This is because their foundation in mathematics is not very strong. They struggle with calculations and lose precious time there.


Some others who are strong in mathematics find the Verbal Ability section tougher, because in the English language there are several words that sound similar, but do not necessarily have the same meaning. Students who cram new words without understanding their meaning or context find Stephen Curry Authentic Jersey it tough to crack.


In terms of difficulty, how Klay Thompson Jersey is the CAT different from JEE?


Among the two, JEE is a much advanced test. JEE tests your advanced aptitude skills in physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is also more time consuming.


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