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Full transcript of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's media session


Full transcript of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's media session

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Wholesale NFL Jerseys Richard Sherman answers questions from the media during a press conference at the Arizona Grand Resort after arriving from Seattle, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015. The Seahawks play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl Cheap NFL Jerseys 49 on Feb. 1, 2015.(Photo: Tom Tingle/azcentral sports)


"They're still running the same plays. There are some tricks here and there, but they run the same offense. You can take a few things. They were a lot younger then. I think they're more polished."


(on the differences he can see in himself since 2012)


"I have three more All Pros."


(on the historical significance of attempting to repeat a Super Bowl win)


"I don't think much of the historical significance of that. We're just out here trying to win a ball game. Our focus is on that. Our focus is on playing good football. The rest of it will fall in place."


(on how he felt regarding Cheap Jerseys the recent controversy in New England)


"It was indifferent. It doesn't really affect us at all. It wasn't wholesale jerseys like we cared either way, honestly. It didn't really affect us either way."


(on not having the intense media coverage that they normally would due to the New England controversy)


"It's all the same. No matter what. Pressure is something that is created by the media. I don't they feel much pressure, and neither do we, about the situation. There's no imminent threat of anything happening. There's no pressure there. Probably a little annoying about being asked the same questions over and over, but that's not something that anybody isn't used to."


(on if the recent controversy has made New England into a 'villian')


"No. I think Wholesale NFL Jerseys they're still looked at the same way they are always looked at. It's not like one little thing. I think their fans are still saying, 'Let's move on.' That's nothing, just like everybody else. That's not made them the villains. I guess the league comes out and hands out punishments and confirm wrongdoings. Then, I think you have a little bit of that."


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