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Great Panda Restaurant


Great Panda Restaurant

Diner from Huntsville


It's that kind of Chinese joint you see in the mall where you point to what you want and the attendant makes your plate for you. Basically it's the same food you'd find at a mall.


I live in the neighborhood and have been eating there for 10+ years. I can tell you they've had the SAME EXACT FOOD selection since the first time I walked into that place ten years ago! They have not changed the menu ONCE! Which is kind of bogus but whatever. There are better Chinese restaurants in town. Way better.


If you don't mind driving another 2 miles down Whitesburg: go to Panda Chinese and Japanese. It's in the same shopping center as Baskin Robbins and Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheeburger Cheeburger. Much better value for the money.


Diner from Huntsville


Vegetable fried rice is my litmus test for all Chinese restaurants and consequently the only item I have ever ordered at Great Panda. It's that good. You see, the way a restaurant treats their vegetable fried rice will tell you an awful lot. Are the vegetables previously frozen or fresh? Do they skimp on the vegetables? How diverse are the vegetables? Are Cheap Jerseys the items precooked and compiled in back while being reheated by the "stir fry?" Are the eggs freshly added? Is the fried rice fresh? How Cheap NFL Jerseys well seasoned is the wok? The vegetables are fresh, ample, and vary wildly, the rice is Wholesale NFL Jerseys freshly fried, the eggs are added while it's being cooked, and the wok is definitely well seasoned. In fact, at Great Panda this one dish is so good it leaves me wondering if people would enjoy other dishes made in back instead of the "buffet" items.


You have to order the special vegetable fried rice off the menu. They will make it in back instead of taking the items off the buffet. Seriously, it's the best vegetable fried rice I have eaten in Huntsville, AL, and I have eaten wholesale jerseys at all the top restaurants in this genre on urbanspoon.


Also, the folks who run the place are really kind and very personable once you get to know them.


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Diner from Huntsville


I drive past a dozen Chinese restaurants to come to this one. You can get veggies instead of rice or noodles. No one else has Kung Pao chicken as good as this. Everything is delicious. Staff friendly. I find the portions generous and the prices reasonable.


Please folks, do be careful which Great Panda you are reviewing. This is the one on Whitesburg across from Burger King in what used to be Big Brothers Grocery.


Diner from Huntsville


i've come here for years. it's always hot, ready, and fast. the workers are friendly and remember who i am. my favorites are general tso's chicken, kung pow chicken, and sesame chicken. as well as the rice and noodles. no one can compare to their noodles. EVER. egg drop soup is also good.


also, i think some of the reviewers need to double check that this is the restaurant they're talking about. people are reviewing things that certainly are not on the great panda menu (located on whitesburg drive near the hospital)


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