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getting demento with Benevento


getting demento with Benevento

I usually love going to the Flynn, but after two nights of rockin in club settings at Nectar and Signal Kitchen and partying beneath the tent at Waterfront Park, I found the whole sit down in a proper theater thing a little confining for night eight of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. It was all so, I don know, dignified. But I was there for Christian McBride, who I to see for years, so I got over that caged in feeling pretty quickly.


Christian McBride is arguably the best bass player in jazz right now, and certainly the most entertaining. He a smart, affable fellow, as he demonstrated at his the Artist session Friday afternoon at FlynnSpace and his concert at the Flynn Center a couple of hours later. He was at the Flynn with his ensemble Inside Straight, which, considering the varied workMcBride has done in his 40 years of life, is the Authentic Thomas DeCoud Jersey most straightforward jazz group he worked with.


And it totally an ensemble. McBride takes his share of nimble, creative solos, but at Friday show spread the wealth among his four players (though I thought sax player Steve Wilson fella little short of matching the power of his band mates). McBride excellent vibraphone player, Warren Wolf, really jumped off the band Authentic Jerricho Cotchery Jersey 2009 CD of Brown and was nearly asterrific Friday. He has a smooth, bright way of playing that stays farfrom that cloying, steel drums effect the vibes can sometimes have. I love what McBride said about the instrument at the the Artist session: make music airborne. Xavier Davis, Thomas DeCoud Jersey subbing for Peter Martin, filled in admirably, and McBride longtime drummer, Carl Allen, was especially strong. He engages in no histrionics but gets a Jerricho Cotchery Panthers Jersey lot done. That was especially the case on the night highlight, a rendition of McCoy Tyner Chant, where Allen somehow managed to incorporate echoes of the melodyinto his drum solo, something you almost never hear. That takes more than immense talent; ittakes a willingness to put the cohesiveness of the whole above the ego of the self.


McBride entertained all night, not just musically but also with his wit and amiability. is a very hip town, he said of Burlington, adding thathe had many memorable moments at the Flynn, though not all of them were good. McBride recalled playing withRoy Haynes a couple of years ago when his luggage failed to arrive and he had to take the stage in blue sweats, which looked especially out of place next to the dapper Haynes.


He also told a story about playing with an earlier band of his at the Flynn in 1997 on a bill withJoe Lovano. McBride said the review in the paper the next day claimed that Lovano was jazz and McBride was just biz. That made the crowd groan, and made me glad I didn start writing for the Free Press until 1998.


But after the concert I did a little truth squad workback at the office and found that article by Paul Kaza, who wrote jazz reviews for the Free Press for three decades. It turns out it was an absolutely glowing review of McBride jazz, magnetic and were terms Paul used to describe McBride. But he did say that some respects, (Lovano set was more rewarding, delivering greater musical depth with less glitz. So that wasn nearly as dismissive as McBride led the audience to believe, though it made for a better tale.


McBride is known for encouraging young musicians, and he also mentioned from the stage Friday how impressive the Vermont All State Jazz Ensemble was in opening the show. The best jazz students in the state play every year at the Flynn, and it always a treat. It always a fun discovery to watch those kids play.


I finished the nightwhere I finished the previous Authentic Wes Horton Jersey night, atSignal Kitchen, where that hot show by Moon Hooch blew me away last night.


Great picture by me of Marco Benevento back, huh?


Tonight it was Marco Benevento, the mad scientistwho affixes all sorts of effects pedals and Frankenstinian wires to his keyboards and creates jazz rock sounds from other planets. Sometimes he can be a little too drifty, but tonight he and his trio powerhouse drummer Andy Borger and bass player Dave Dreiwitz of Ween were spacey Jerricho Cotchery Jersey but super tight. One tune in particular it was abstract in Benevento typical stylebut I think it was an instrumental versionof The Barr Brothers terrific song In the Morning drew me in from the start with sharp focus, then wandered off a bit before coming back full circle toward where it started.


That was a nice moment, but this experience Wes Horton Jersey at Signal Kitchen wasn as fulfilling for me as the Thomas DeCoud Panthers Jersey night before, when Moon Hooch had crazy energy in an in the round setting. This was a more typical band against the wall at the far end of the room set up, and the stage in the basement concert Wes Horton Panthers Jersey spaceis not a high one, so it was especially hard to see the musicians. Thatwas frustrating, especially considering that two of the three musicians were sitting down, and also considering what a visual treat Benevento keyboard monstrosity usually is. Time to go buy me some platform shoes.


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