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Frigid weather hits homes hard


Frigid weather hits homes hard

The first thing Barbara J. Daniel noticed when she walked into the house in South Buffalo on Wednesday was that she could see her breath.


I see the kitchen faucet has a long icicle hanging from it, she said. I went to the bathroom and the toilet water was frozen. said her heart sank when she checked the thermostat in the small house she and her husband purchased for their daughter. The thermostat was as dead as the battery inside of it.


It was only after she fired up the kerosene heater that the widow of five months sat down and cried. And then she drove to Erb Co. plumbing supplies on Seneca Street.


Damages from snow, ice, high winds and frigid temperatures have caused an average of $1.2 billion in losses annually over the past 20 years, ranking it third behind hurricanes and tornadoes, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute.


Temperatures well below freezing can create a mess in your home, said Kyle Ketter of K Heating and Cooling. Doors will split. Paint will start peeling off the walls. Water pipes will burst.


is your biggest enemy in the winter, Ketter said.


Daniel lives in Brant, where Cheap Jerseys she serves Wholesale NFL Jerseys as the town clerk. She just returned from three weeks visiting her daughter and her new grandchild in Las Vegas when she found the boiler had burst in the home that she and her husband had spent so much time renovating.


big money ticket when it comes to damaging people homes are the boiler pipes freezing, Ketter said.


like taking a hose to your house, putting it in the wall and turning it on, he said. will keep pumping water into the house. Repairs could be a simple $200 or $300 job, but it can turn into thousands and thousands of dollars. Whenever they freeze, they pretty much split the pipe because it only copper. average damage loss due to burst water pipes is $2,000 to $3,000, said Robert Fragerburg, vice president of claims for Merchants Mutual.


depends on whether the homeowner is home, said Fragerburg. factor is the location of the pipe. Is it in the kitchen? Does it ruin hardwood flooring and seep down to the basement? you return home and suspect a pipe is frozen, turn on all faucets, experts advise. If a pipe has already burst, turn off the water at the main shut off valve and call a professional plumber immediately. Keep your faucets open until the pipe is repaired. Never try to thaw a frozen pipe with a torch or other open flame.


The recent increased wind rates and bone chilling temperatures bring claims related to freezing pipes and fallen trees, which oftentimes result in power outages, said Fragerburg who described Mother Nature winter wrath as cyclical.


weather we had for the past two weeks has been really kind of strange, Fragerburg said. had three major wind events: Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and this past Sunday.


you go back to the November snowstorm, the types of losses we saw were: collapsed roofs, carports, awnings, garages directly related to the weight of the snow. What we normally see are the small damage type situations. trees take a beating in the high winds, said one local tree expert.


there a storm, it always the Blue Spruce we cleaning up, never the Norways, said Jeremy Sayers, president of The Tree Doctor in Clarence.


Wind can blow out furnace pilot lights, Wholesale NFL Jerseys said Ketter of K Most of the recent calls he has serviced relate to faulty furnaces,


a normal thing, furnaces work harder, run longer in extreme cold, Ketter said. of running once an hour, they running four or five times an hour trying to keep up with the cold weather. You find out what wrong with your furnace when it really cold. the service calls are plugged exhaust vents for the newer high efficiency furnaces.


sucking in snow, Ketter explained. snow is blowing into these vent pipes and clogging them up. This causes the furnace not to work.


Wind will find its way into the house just like water finds its way through your roof, experts said. Rick Kazmierczak, president of Kaz Cos., is an expert on roofs and the beating they take from extreme weather conditions.


your roof Cheap NFL Jerseys is poorly insulated and ventilated, you will develop condensation in the attic space, he said. the attic is wholesale jerseys not venting the air properly, the warm, moist air will condense on roofing nails or on any type of metal. That can leave tiny balls of ice on the nail tips.


saw it last year with the extreme cold. When these balls of ice drop onto your attic floor, it can make a noise. One woman heard such noise and feared a squirrel, but found these hail balls. The remedy? Make sure your attic temperature is the same as the outdoors. If not, you can also develop mold. It all about controlling heat loss. dams also are a roofing concern. Kazmierczak said they occur when snow piles up on the roof for extended periods of time. When the heat from the structure melts the snow, it causes water to back up under the shingles and into the house and causes damage.


Back in South Buffalo, Daniel lamented the water that was seemingly everywhere in the newly renovated house.


husband and I did so much fixing, she said. he gone. My husband died in August. We were together for 35 years. Daniels put $1,500 into the boiler, and spent considerably more in renovations, especially the dining room with its chair rail and crown molding. But now there was water running from the ceiling. The walls, newly painted beige, were dripping.


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