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Getting Rid of My iPhone 6 and Leaving Apple After Four Years


Getting Rid of My iPhone 6 and Leaving Apple After Four Years

I don't think it was Apple's fault, but they said, "Well, 10 of your dropped calls were AT fault, and 10 of them were ours. So we're just going to give you a new phone." Placing who to blame aside, this wasn't a good start in any case.


Design: Looks Nice, But Still Too Jerricho Cotchery Jersey Fragile


I purchased the 64 Gigabyte (GB) model in a color I didn't care for (silver). It's not really silver; it's more like white. Nevertheless, the color didn't really matter, as I slapped Authentic Jerricho Cotchery Jersey a $59.99 Otterbox on it, of course, to keep it from cracking and denting.


The slim design looks nice, but if you drop this thing, it is going to break. All the rumors of unbreakable "sapphire" glass amounted to nothing, as far as the iPhone 6 goes. Also, I wish this phone was waterproof. The slightest drop of rainwater or shower water makes the touch screen inoperable until you remove the droplets. Other manufacturers are starting to go waterproof, so what's the holdup with Apple?


Finally, what seems to have been the biggest selling point for Apple this year: The bigger screen. For me, as a long time small screened iPhone user, it's annoying, and I sometimes feel like I am talking to a toaster.


Meanwhile, the resolution on the screen is better than the iPhone 5s, but not by Wes Horton Panthers Jersey much. If Apple wanted to compete with Android devices on screen size and quality, it didn't come up with a winner.


Camera: After Two Years, It's Way Behind Competitors


Apple had two long years to improve the weak 8 megapixel (MP) camera on the iPhone 5. So, what do they do? They put an 8 MP camera on the iPhone 6.


I am a big photography guy. I take hundreds of pictures everyday. But in Authentic Wes Horton Jersey 2014, Apple is still making its users deal with an 8 MP camera when Android flagship phones come with 13MP or 16MP cameras, standard and Nokia has a whopping 41 MP camera in its camera phone.


Battery Life: A Persistent iPhone Issue


The Wes Horton Jersey battery life is worse than ever. Apple promised up to 20 percent more battery life than the previous generation phones (5, 5s, 5c). I disagree Thomas DeCoud Panthers Jersey and think it's much worse because of the bigger screen and faster processor.


I stream Pandora, take photos, text and Google Hangout all day. So, I guess I'll just stop at Starbucks every hour to charge my Thomas DeCoud Jersey phone.


At the same time, many Android and Windows phones have excellent battery life. Take the HTC One M8: up to 22 hours of talk time. The iPhone 6 can only deliver up to 14 hours of talk time. It's not an improvement, and Apple continues to fall behind its rivals.


Health Kit: What Does It Do, Really?


It still doesn't work as advertised. Apple promised this app would keep track of my steps. It doesn't.


I do a lot of walking, running and riding bikes, and I want my phone to be able to keep track of it. I don't want to have to open up another app like RunKeeper and waste Authentic Thomas DeCoud Jersey more battery.


I'm Gone, But Open to Switching Back


In conclusion, I am switching phones. I have already sold my phone through eBay for Jerricho Cotchery Panthers Jersey way more than I paid for it that's one advantage of buying an iPhone 6, I guess. As for me, I backed up all my data, and I'm headed over to a Droid.


Thanks, and so long Apple I'll see you when you maybe fix these issues with the iPhone 7 in 2 years.


Read Part 2: In Defense of the iPhone 6


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