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Exclusive Erica Gimpel interview


Exclusive Erica Gimpel interview

Once again, we journey outside the realm of mixed martial arts to converse with our performing artist brethren.


Erica Gimpel is a true mixed performing artist. From her hometown of New York City, she graduated from the prestigious High School of Performing Arts (The school Fame was based on) and landed the iconic role of Coco Hernandez on the Fame TV series.


She is equally adept in the disciplines of music and theatre. She released her first album, Spread Your Wings and Fly in 2010, and has another one in the works.


Erica Gimpel steps into The Crossfire.


Welcome back to The Crossfire.


MMA Crossfire: Welcome, Erica. I wanted to talk about some of the stuff you doing right now and also recap your last album.


Erica Gimpel: Sure, I love to share that. And I want to let you know I checked out your YouTube channel and I thought that was really sweet, the French person that went to Japan.


MMA Crossfire: Thanks, you mean Georges St Pierre?


Erica Gimpel: Yes, that was sweet.


MMA Crossfire: Thank You! Have you been to Japan?


Erica Gimpel: Yes, I have. I went on kind of a spiritual training course. I been a practicing Buddhist for 26 years so I went there as sort of a deepening of an understanding of my practice.


MMA Crossfire: Fascinating. Let recap your last album.


Erica Gimpel: The album is called Spread Your Wings and Fly and that title song is my anthem for women. The inspiration for it was an organization here in Los Angeles called The Downtown Women Centreand it helped for the last 30 years women who have been homeless on the streets get permanent housing and kind of get them back on their feet. What I had conceptualized was a benefit concert honouring and really supporting the end of homelessness. And honouring the organization too for all the Fake Men Ray Ban Mix Match great work they been doing.


Erica Gimpel in concert. Image courtesy Erica Gimpel. Photo by Steven Doyle


And for me personally, the record, Fake Men Ray Ban Aviator the journey is a lot of things. It an appreciation I have for my parents; love; having love in life; being loved; romantic love. It a very personal journey and something that Fake Men Ray Ban Gradient I wanted to do for a long time.


MMA Crossfire: It comes across as elegant and classy. I like the track Rising.


Erica Gimpel: Thanks. That Fake Men Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses came from a friend of mine who is a wonderful musician and had a jam session in her house. would show up there and jam in her house for hours. I started that as a jam at her house and then Fake Men Ray Ban Mirror just evolved it to the tune you heard.


MMA Crossfire: I see. And obviously you were involved in all aspects of the record. Is that side just as enjoyable as the creative side?


Erica Gimpel: Yeah, I mean the producing of the record took Fake Men Ray Ban Mirror Sunglasses it to a whole other level of listening. The playing of it, shaping it so that it shines in the best light. So there different aspects of the songs. How can we bring it out the various qualities of the song.


MMA Crossfire: Right. And then after that album, you were still doing your thing in the other avenues.


Erica Gimpel: I just did three episodes of Nikita. Image courtesy Erica Gimpel.


MMA Crossfire: I did take a look on IDMB and I did see that.


Erica Gimpel: Yeah. That how I thought you contacted me. Yeah, I was in Canada for some months, in Toronto and that was Fake Men Ray Ban Gradient Sunglasses a really great experience, a great character. And I also am working on the show Criminal Minds here in the United States Crossfire: Yes, I heard of Criminal Minds.


MMA Crossfire: So when you did Nikita, was that your first time in Toronto?


Erica Gimpel: Yes it was my first time.


MMA Crossfire: Did you get a chance to visit anything?


Erica Gimpel: It was really difficult honestly, because of the hours of the Fake Men Ray Ban Mix Match Sunglasses show. I really wanted to go to the galleries. I mean I would go out to different restaurants and stuff, but I didn get to see as much as I wanted.


MMA Crossfire: Well maybe next time, because I think would be a great choice for one of your concerts Gimpel: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.


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