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Eyes of the world on Kohler


Eyes of the world on Kohler

Women Open and Fake Men Ray Ban Cats the eyes of the world will be on Blackwolf Run Golf Course. In the meantime, it finishing touches time at Blackwolf Run Golf Course. Women Open Chairman Jim Richerson said. Women cheap oakleys Open closed on Friday, June 29th, but still had golfers rolling through the week before, as organizers tied up all the loose ends.


going to look at it from a spectators standpoint and what can we do to improve it? What can we do to make sure that anyone who comes to the Fake Men Ray Ban Cats Sunglasses event is going to have a replica oakley sunglasses memorable time, Richerson said.


Being prepared for the elements of the event will also ensure spectators enjoy all the Open has to offer.


is in the middle of summer. We tell people to make sure they wear sunscreen and appropriate attire comfortable clothing. You might want to wear a hat and bring sunglasses. We definitely recommend golf shoes and cheap oakleys outlet if you don have them, very athletic, comfortable shoes because you probably going to be doing some walking, Richerson said.


If someone chooses to follow a certain golfer, they likely end up doing a lot of walking. A trip around the run will rack up more than four miles.


handle something like that, luckily we got a Fake Men Ray Ban Clubmaster lot of support, so the good thing is, I don have to do all the work myself, and our team doesn have to do all the work. We do get to enjoy a little bit of it, but buy replica oakley sunglasses we do want to make sure that the spectators have a great experience, Richerson said.


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